Pardon歌词-Alain Souchon

Make Believe
Pardon Me
I tried my best
I gave my all
Sometimes my best wasn\’t good enough
For you
Sometimes I let you go
Sometimes I hurt you so
I know that I can be the meanest person in the world
So I apologize to you
And to anyone else that I hurt too
I may not be the perfect soul
But I can\’t learn self control
So pardon me! pardon me!
pardon me my friend!
I never thought
That anyone
Was more important than the plans
I made
But now I feel the shame
There\’s no one else to blame
For all the broken hearts scattered on the field of war
And in my heart I feel its true
So I\’ll be there with you!!!

Pardon简介:《Pardon》是Alain Souchon演唱的歌曲,收录在disanfang发行的《Au Ras Des Paquerettes》专辑中,《Pardon》发行时间是2003-03-03日,觉得歌曲不错的可以多多支持Alain Souchon