Once Upon A Dream (From "Jekyll & Hyde")歌词-Johnny Mathis

《Once Upon A Dream (From "Jekyll & Hyde")》
Linda Eder
Jekyll & Hyde
Linda Eder – Once Upon A Dream
Once upon a dream
I was lost in love\’s embrace
There I found a perfect place
Once upon a dream
Once there was a time
Like no other time before
Hope was still an open door
Once upon a dream
And I was unafraid
The dream was so exciting
But now I see it fade
And I am here alone
Once upon a dream
You were heaven-sent to me
But it wasn\’t meant to be
Now you\’re just a dream
Could we begin again
Once upon a dream

Once Upon A Dream (From "Jekyll & Hyde")简介:《Once Upon A Dream (From "Jekyll & Hyde")》是Johnny Mathis演唱的歌曲,收录在深圳腾讯计算机系统有限公司索尼音乐发行的《Mathis On Broadway》专辑中,《Once Upon A Dream (From "Jekyll & Hyde")》发行时间是2014-08-15日,觉得歌曲不错的可以多多支持Johnny Mathis