The More I See You歌词-Chet Baker

《The More I See You》
Michael Buble
It\’s Time
The More I See You
Michael Buble
The more I see you
The more I want you
Somehow this feeling
Just grows and grows
With every sigh
I become more mad about you
More lost without you
And so it goes
Can you imagine
How much I love you
The more I see you
As years go by
I know the only one for me
Can only be you
My arms won\’t free you
And my heart won\’t try

The More I See You简介:《The More I See You》是Chet Baker演唱的歌曲,收录在正东音乐娱乐咨询(北京)有限公司发行的《Sings It Could Happen To You》专辑中,《The More I See You》发行时间是2009-07-14日,觉得歌曲不错的可以多多支持Chet Baker